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So I've been on here for almost three months, guess it's time to do one of those 🤔

My name is Andy, also known as pixel or pixeldesu all across the internet. I'm a professional web developer from Germany, while general dev stuff is also my hobby.

I do whatever I'm interested in, games, art, music, etc. while my current focus is preservation of video games and reverse engineering.

I love to make new friends, so feel free to shoot me a mention and let's talk!

I have returned from 5 days of dev conference!

it was nice to hang out with people again and socialize, also a lot of interesting new things learned :blobcatmelt:

First talk today at and already spotted another fediverse user @oliklee (good talk, btw!)

does anyone know if the AP test suite that is linked on is available anywhere else?

I think the linked one has been down for ages.

can't wait to be blocked by half of fedi for that pun

still kinda want to do my AP server thing with ASP.NET just to learn both of those things

now I even got an idea for a project name

Lotte - because she wears glasses to C#

fedi meta, - 

especially because every time I read about criticism towards the FFMC it's completely under the hand me randomly stumbling upon it

even though people are invited to either open an issue or just mention me on fedi

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fedi meta, - 

kinda feeling like just getting rid of the fediverse-friendly moderation covenant 🥴

I hate the assumptions of me being entirely against moderation and whatnot, and people going as far as throwing me under a fash bus or whatever

going to get 2 of my wisdom teeth removed at the end of the month 👀

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birdsite, de, covid 

German Twitter has the hashtag "I regret getting the vaccination" trending

one of the most shared posts is from an account that lists never before associated side effects + talked about not getting vaccinated 5 days ago

looking at hashtags like these, the bot or at least "(paid) actor" problem of Twitter is quite obvious.

ph, dental 

I didn't even notice that it happened yesterday, only after dinner.

Doesn't hurt either, it's just annoying to feel with my tongue all the time.

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ph, dental 

My wisdom teeth are planned to get removed anyway, but having a piece of one just chip off now is unfortunate

Well, I have a checkup appointment tomorrow already so I probably just can plan a date for the removal now :cirnoStare:

I really don't like Spotify as a service

but their recommendation for music is pretty damn good and I like looking through my Release Radar because either I see new releases or find new artists that are pretty good


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