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So I've been on here for almost three months, guess it's time to do one of those πŸ€”

My name is Andy, also known as pixel or pixeldesu all across the internet. I'm a professional web developer from Germany, while general dev stuff is also my hobby.

I do whatever I'm interested in, games, art, music, etc. while my current focus is preservation of video games and reverse engineering.

I love to make new friends, so feel free to shoot me a mention and let's talk!

went on LinkedIn and saw a post tagged with and read instead


also, can't believe that someone like me, who's been an introvert to extreme levels in school is now...7 years later, someone who gives trainings to external people.

years back I barely spoke to people I didn't know yet.

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this week will be pain :blobfoxmelt3:

I need to give 3 trainings at work, about 4 hours each, one for apprentices and two for external developers

don't mind doing that, but 3 is a bit rough--

kinda want to stream but also kinda don't

streamed like...10 or 11-ish hours the past days :blobcatsweats:

I probably have more comprehensible documentation about TweetDeck internals than the actual TweetDeck staff πŸ₯΄

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If you want all of those cool features by the way, and you still use Twitter/TweetDeck

grab BetterTweetDeck, it's good. :akko_giggle:

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also, I liked content warnings so much, I brought them to TweetDeck

(or rather, the initial implementation, and @Eramdam refined it)

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one reason why I really enjoy fedi is because I can work on the things that bother me about the software.

With the big players that's just not possible. Things only get noticed if millions of users complain, pretty much.

My enjoyment or...huge amount of Twitter usage also comes from me being able to hack on it, actually.

My main way of using Twitter is TweetDeck, and I've contributed so many features to userscripts and extensions I lost count of them.

"eine hohe Auslastung wird erwartet"

solange ich ankomme :blobfoxmelt3:

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200 eurodollars, even with a 25% on the trip and the return

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just booked my train tickets for Dokomi :akko_weary:

that was...really expensive

I can't believe I missed this while refactoring.

@Johann150 pointed me to this and I'm just slightly losing my mind over it.

one time for Dokomi, and 3 times to contribute to open sauce

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