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So I've been on here for almost three months, guess it's time to do one of those 🤔

My name is Andy, also known as pixel or pixeldesu all across the internet. I'm a professional web developer from Germany, while general dev stuff is also my hobby.

I do whatever I'm interested in, games, art, music, etc. while my current focus is preservation of video games and reverse engineering.

I love to make new friends, so feel free to shoot me a mention and let's talk!

@nilsding I took it onto me to deliver the best content to the new Twitter feature

whoa, I check on fedi again and I see more and more people from here using Retrospring

the cursed website I have pretty much done all frontend work on

so, "wget" is available in Powershell

and running it yields this error now

So I decide to go to sleep early one evening and suddenly Twitter is completely busted.

tfw I actually was praising Composer to not be a shitty package manager and then there basically is a pretty common meta package use case where they basically want you to use Private Packagist instead and deem custom repositories a "testbed"


having multiple people with admin rights on a Mumble server

my name EXPANDS

Docker on WSL2 is so freaking fast

hmm, it's just been a little over a day since I released the update for my Risk of Rain 2 mod and it already has over 600 downloads for that version.


this probably also involves rewriting our entire toolchain with memory-save packages that actually do filestreams properly and not some "haha chokidar go watch" and some shitty deque implementation.

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tfw can't wait to profile why our frontend toolchain is running out of memory in Docker setups

node developers be like: inodes go brrrrrrrr

tracked time for my first full ride to work with my scooter and it took me 17 minutes for 4km.

considering I had to wait for traffic lights/walk the pavement on a large street crossing it probably came out to 15 minutes pretty much.

reverse engineering sometimes is wondering about file extension origins, and then stuff like this happens

so I just pressed my screenshot hotkey, without having ShareX installed

smart move, I blame it on the heat

guess I'll work on a tool for that, because I have multiple cases I want to handle:

* pattern matching for names/extensions (e.g. setup executables that we can assume have been run after lying around for days)
* stale file deletion after x time
* moving files around (e.g. image-ext into Pictures/)

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