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So I've been on here for almost three months, guess it's time to do one of those 🤔

My name is Andy, also known as pixel or pixeldesu all across the internet. I'm a professional web developer from Germany, while general dev stuff is also my hobby.

I do whatever I'm interested in, games, art, music, etc. while my current focus is preservation of video games and reverse engineering.

I love to make new friends, so feel free to shoot me a mention and let's talk!

finally got a usecase to try out Deno with, it works reasonably well

ah well, might need to source timestamps from personal stuff and ask friends then too

I'll get there

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trying to figure out if users are using programs to autolike posts and then the API endpoint for likes only returns the users that liked a post but not when it happened


ancient PHP libraries that decide to write warnings into a `global $...` variable and essentially being silent about actual problems is such a pain

especially if said library is handling PDF generation.

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when you fix a bug after searching for the initial problem for 3 hours

and the solution is a one-liner

The year is 2025 and the only left digital commodities are NFTs and VPN subscriptions

when I read a manga and someone likes all activity related to it

every day

getting my own E-Scooter actually was a good investment last year

drove it over 500km since already

well, one good thing stemming from all companies hailing their crypto investors is that that drove me back to Fedi and Matrix

every other big corp: "crypto"

YouTube: "we are removing the dislike count from videos"

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I don't know why, but this week big corporations are just going completely bonkers

YouTube literally did the "there are no scams on YouTube because scamming people is illegal"

and my brain just shriveled up

damn, I bought Tetris Effect on Saturday and it's such a good game

got my Matrix thing back up again:

(and sorry to whomever already federated with me because new homeserver on old host is not how you are supposed to do it, but I did it because I can!)

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