will today be the day I finally figure out what this section is about?

maybe not.

@pixel why are you doing reverse engineering? And what tools are you using?

@march the reason in this case is a bit personal I guess.

The game I'm reverse engineering is Pangya, a golf MMO by Ntreev Soft released in 2004. I played the game actively in 2008-2010 and I only have fond memories of it.

Due to school etc. I haven't had time and simply forgot about it too, due to conversations with a friend I came back to it, but I was "too late" with development being ceased in 2016, and only one small official server remaining, on life support.

@march So, with the programming skills I garnered in the past few years, I made it my goal to keep the game alive with building tools for it.

Research has been made since 2006 as the game got public releases all across places, but as the game was active, research was kept private mostly and people are not keen about sharing

and all my research is public, as the game is dead now and the company never really cared about it anyway.


for reverse engineering file formats I use:
- Kaitai Struct
- 010 Editor
(I started out with VSCode and a hexdump extension, which worked okay-ish)

and I use IDA for some looks into the game and engine, but that's not my focus at the moment.


the library I built up on my research, to actually work with the file formats:

and here's all the technical documentation I wrote up so far:

@pixel I love people like you that come up when I'm searching for some tool that I don't expect to turn up. Sounds like good work and I hope you figure it out!

@march at some point I might want to develop a private server solution for the game

and probably a kind of "wishful dream" would be reimplementing the game in something sane

@pixel @march at the point that you will be able to make it, you will likely understand the game well enough to know what was bad about it, and therefore you will be able to make a really good golf game, I guess?

@nilsding yeah, as the fourcc in the beginning of the section tells us, it's probably related to face animations

but figuring out the format and what values mean will be interesting.

because looking at other files, it's really varying, meaning there is some conditional stuff in there as well.

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