me, thinking about reimplementing old MMO golf game

the game:
- so first, my engine is not an engine, it's a device driver
- the game itself implements 90% of what it needs itself

@xeno nothing else than Pangya and it's wonderful WangReal Engine

@xeno well, more or less

it's a stupid pun

"wang" as a prefix means very in korean, so it's the "very real engine", compared to Unreal.

@xeno interesting tho that there still are a fair bit of people that know Pangya, it always was this kind of niche thing and now it's dead...or kept alive by small communities at least.

@xeno I actively played Pangya 10 years ago, then lost track

and got back last year, where I decided to put my dev knowledge into keeping the game alive

first focus were the file formats, and by now I'm not missing much of it

@pixel ah same except active may be a strong word in my case

wish i could help out but i dont really know shit about computers

@xeno there's always time to learn! :p

you don't have to, of course. This is just my passion project and my main goal is creating open resources so the community can keep the game alive at ease!

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