@pixel idk the world is constantly shifting i'm not sure myself which is the better place to be

@314 I got really angry with people posting "quality stuff" on Twitter recently.

Even so far I almost wanted to write a controversial blog post today.

@pixel i'm often confused in such way that i don't feel like bringing more people over here, like maybe i'd like to drop out of social media because both places tire me out

@314 hmm, then you should probably reconsider who you are following/try to mute some "sources of stress" you indentify to get rid of that feeling?

@pixel andy you should've seen my blocklist haha
the problem is i had to see those things first to block them
and then there are some people who post stuff i like most of time with a small chance of something drastically opposite
@pixel perhaps what i want is self-contradicting but at the same time it feels normal to want that

@pixel Oh hey, haven't seen you in a hot while! What have you been up to?

@luna I've been all well, just ended up kinda neglecting here because I'm not sure I can get my girlfriend on here, but I want to change that.

(and there are no combined Twitter/Masto clients AND I'm not going to code one)

@pixel @luna actually there's Twidere on Android but it's a pretty specific one

@pixel Setting up Crossposting from Twitter to Masto is possible and works well but I don't know how it actually works (and, I actually like the separation between my accounts, since people on here are way different)

@MochiWaifu it's the big sweat running down my face because I haven't tooted since July basically.

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