I really feel like making music again.

note, if I ever end up making music again, it'll probably inspired by following artists:
- she
- Camellia
- Dunderpatrullen
- aran
- Nhato

so yes, expect the wildest chiptune things coming up.

@pixel On that note, never listened to 'she'

Got any recommends? If they're on this list I'm sure I'll enjoy their stuff

@luna that's pretty tough, because every release of she is a banger in "different ways" so I'd probably recommend just listening through all their releases alltogether.

Some personal recommendations:

The newest album "Aspire" slaps on all levels, and they even made a song about the style of music they make:

From "Electric Girl" I'd specifically recommend giving Headshot, Be Alright and Electric Girl a listen


Chiptune Memories, just listen the whole album, every song is pretty much another experience:

Really, if you just have some time spare at some point, leave one of the bandcamp pages from she running, because it's pretty hard to nail "good" songs down as everything is meticulously crafted and I still find special songs in older releases that I missed.

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