if it wasn't myself doing this, people looking at my behaviour would think I'm purging my internet identity 🤔

but actually, I'm just dropping stale accounts.

deleted 2 dropbox accounts and my initial Twitter account that has been in archival mode for 5 years anyway.

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god bless GDPR/DSGVO and full data exports so you can just download everything of a service and drop an account.

@pixel what we need now is more ability too import data.

@seatsea the issue with exported data is that it can be manipulated locally if it's accessible.

If you get a encrypted export, that export isn't of much use to a person.

@pixel well yeah, but in a number of cases the fact it's manipulated isn't really an issue, think google location history. Its messed up enough as it is when its inaccurate.

@pixel In relation to this I've got a relevant project I recently found out about datatransferproject.dev/

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