Zoom acquiring Keybase mainly for their people-power in security and Keybase basically stating "whatever happens to Keybase is in Zooms hands" is basically telling us preemptively that it'll just die.

@pixel It seems bizarre to say the least

No clue what their motive is with this

@luna Zoom has had a ton of negative press due to security concerns (of which a lot also was the general "press-bashing on popular product" stuff)

so...instead of generally searching for security-concious people, they just decide to buy a 25-people company that is completely focussed on a security product.

The Keybase team basically gets put into place as the Zoom security team to add E2E encryption to the video meetings and such.

@pixel Seems like they could've just contracted keybase instead of buying out the entire company

@luna well, buying out seems easier to many big corps nowadays.

but yes, it basically means the end for Keybase because I don't see why Zoom would have ANY interest in keeping that up if the product wasn't of interest in the acquiring either.

@pixel I'm still curious to see how it will go from now on. If it goes south, I'll consider removing said account...

Otherwise, I agree with you that basically "whatever happens to Keybase is in Zoom's hands" is certainly the best way to make people flee... :blobthinkingglare:

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