"39 files inspected, 599 lints detected"


"88 files inspected, 1235 lints detected"

"87 files inspected, 772 lints detected"

getting there, slowly

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"109 files inspected, 0 lints detected"

d o o o o o n e

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@pixel@desu.social that's a lot of lint, I bet you can make one of these outta it.

what lang anyway if I may ask?

@nick HAML

the templating language/engine we use for Retrospring

@pixel@desu.social so the linter's going HAM from all these sick styles, gotcha

@pixel@desu.social still climbing the lint mountain? I wish I were this productive on weekends!

@nick my contribution activity for the last 10 days is pretty wild too

haven't been this productive in quite a while

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