*slaps table* I have returned

current event blabla (mostly uspol), birdsite 

so eventually, I've been a bit absent from fedi because it's hard to maintain a social presence on multiple sites (and no, crossposting is not an option for me, I tried twice)

I'm now coming back because the social circles I've gone back for kinda shattered on me and because people are stupid.


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current event blabla (mostly uspol), birdsite 

another thing is the fact that Twitter became unbearable in the past few weeks, as BLM and a lot of other important problems also brought upon...other people.

I mostly kept shut about those events because people are super quick to open fire on every opinion they deem wrong.

Even worse was that "everyone who keeps shut is part of the problem" mentality, which didn't make me feel much better etc.

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@zaun aaaaa, missed you as well!! hope you are doing fine! :>

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