having colleagues that use NordVPN always is 10 levels of cringe inducing.

(please don't use NordVPN)

@tuxcrafting all sponsorship from NordVPN is "most generic techbuzz you ever heard" condensed in seconds to minutes sponsor spots and it always hurts me.

@pixel @tuxcrafting Wait, there's an addon that tells you which part of the video to skip if there's promotional content in it? That's neat!
@pixel @solidsanek @tuxcrafting i will accept sponsorships where you send me your competitors products and i will say how terrible they are while secretly keeping and enjoying the products :ablobcatbongo:
@pixel @tuxcrafting It seems like the youtubers I follow either have too short intros or aren't popular enough to already have such sections skipped but I'm still keeping it whenever I end up on those clickbait youtubers. Thanks!!
@solidsanek @pixel @tuxcrafting you should probably mark these segments if you see them for other people
@vaartis @pixel @tuxcrafting I don't watch youtubers that sell promotional content but I could try to mark their intro yeah

Now I want it as a cli program that I can put into my youtube-dl post-processing script
@solidsanek @tuxcrafting

@tsia @solidsanek @tuxcrafting considering there most likely is an API behind this, you can probably pull the info from there.

There is. But I realized that I'm pulling subscriptions and there may not be any data available yet. I'll give it a try anyway
@solidsanek @tuxcrafting

@pixel @tsia @solidsanek @tuxcrafting i went to test this and realized i don't watch many channels with sponsors :blobcatlaugh: still a good addon.
@pixel @tuxcrafting i will however take a look at this extension. thank you for finding cool and good things. :blobcatthumbsup:

@pixel well if it's just to watch netflix in <country> why not

@Miaourt well, for starters you don't have any accounts

you generate a random number as your account ID and that's it, you don't have to specify anything.

Only your payment method may yield info about you, or you pay with Bitcoin.

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