I wonder, are there any tools to manage stuff like a Downloads folder?

I often just forget to clean it up and having some kind of either auto-removal or notification on stale files would be rad.

guess I'll work on a tool for that, because I have multiple cases I want to handle:

* pattern matching for names/extensions (e.g. setup executables that we can assume have been run after lying around for days)
* stale file deletion after x time
* moving files around (e.g. image-ext into Pictures/)

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@pixel Automation can broke.
`rm -r Downloads` and `mkdir Downloads` is less likely to do so :P

@naruciakk well, but if you do something on "last modified date" there shouldn't be much trouble.

I agree, but there's way to make it less "destructive".

@pixel I suggest writing a bash script that checks your downloads folder based on using ls --time=atime.

@pixel Clean My Mac is a tool that does specifically that among other things on macOS

@pixel I always tought some minimal sorting would be neat, as in all images gets put in my lauerordner

I know entr is a good utility to look for file changes, using it for pandoc live previews

I think I once built something like this with Automator and/or Applescript.

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