@pixel das ist aber kein Hyper Hyper Autoscooter :-(

@pixel meanwhile in the uk it's illegal to use these on public roads/paths 😂

@calv in germoney only specific ones are allowed with max speed of 20 km/h and thoroughly regulated yadda yadda

@pixel lol we don't even care about the speeds it's literally illegal because they're electric vehicles that aren't explicitly excluded from a traffic act iirc.

Same reason you can get arrested on a "hoverboard" in the UK. It's so dumb :cirno_facepalm:

@calv Germany did some heavy regulations shit so I need to get a license plate before I can use it in public. So there really aren't many people using them, outside the rent ones.

@pixel They must be worried about those 20km/h scooters evading their cars lol
@pixel @calv people use them unlicensed all the time anyway tho

@robin @calv due to my mom working at an insurance company I got the quickpass tho and ready for...the bicycle path.

not sure what the fines are for getting caught without a licensed/insured scooter, but I assume it's not necessarily low.

@null yup, max. speed of 20 km/h tho, regulation in Germany

and I can't ride it on the bicycle path until I get a license plate from my insurance

@pixel oh weird

v nice tho, do want! really wanted a kick scooter for a while now, a motorized one would probably be extremely nice

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