NFTs are such an obvious money laundering scheme

like...who in their right mind would spend money on that stuff.

@Eramdam I mean. if it wasn't for the environmental effects I would applaud on more artists easily getting thousands of dollars from people that just buy any art piece for flexing on them.

@pixel sure but even then, the whole "let's create scarcity on something that inhenrently can be copied to infinity" angle is dumb lol

@Eramdam whoever came up with it is smart as fuck though because they managed to implant that "idea" into many people with success

@Eramdam @pixel tbh, given the fact that the technology was developed with a goal of creating decentralized money, it was only sane to create scarcity here

@pixel What the heck even is it? #NFT It's a payment method, right?

@vital876 not really, I guess?

You can exchange it again, but it technically is something like a blown up "certificate of ownership" on the blockchain or so

which is ridiculous for digital goods that can be copied just like that

@pixel Ownership of what? Weed? Cranberry juice? A house?

@vital876 technically whatever you own is pretty much just a link to a CDN or a hash, the most common sense, worthless

but the techbros are buying into it like crazy

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