well, one good thing stemming from all companies hailing their crypto investors is that that drove me back to Fedi and Matrix

@pixel I'm still waiting for Matrix to get their group Voice channel feature going on the stable build. When that happens I'll gladly ditch Discord and alike... although I do want that more because of the inhuman surveillance laws the EU is pushing through right now than the crypto bollocks.

@Natanox @pixel

Element recently introduced Spaces, which are equivalent to Discord servers. Each Space can have Rooms, which are equivalent to Discord channels.

At this point, Element is an open source, freedom respecting, end-to-end encrypted, decentralised Discord. There is hardly a reason to use Discord other than the stubborn people unwilling to get off it.

@inference @Natanox the stubborn people are the main reason I still have to stick with both Twitter and Discord

and I'd love not to

@inference @Natanox and Matrix is awesome, but I have a hard time sticking to it personally, coming from my friend list on there having...3 people on it.

@pixel @Natanox

I'm migrating all of my open source projects to Matrix (Element for Spaces and Rooms), from Discord. I recently posted an announcement about it.

@inference @Natanox

Hmm, I could do the same, but I know at least one project that'd probably would die from it.

Others I might get to adopt.

@pixel @Natanox

If people know how to use GitLab/GitHub during OSS projects, they should know the importance of open source communication platforms.

They aren't OSS fans if they don't care, and are probably a liability, anyway.

@inference @pixel Well, yeah, but my point was the absence of voice (room-)channel for multiple people (beside the kinda janky Jitsi solution) was what I meant. I know they're working on that, but as far as I know it's only available on the test branch yet. I really need that feature to convince my community to follow me as a whole (which they wanna do - but group voice is seen as a basic).

@Natanox @pixel

I'd rather using something like Jitsi along with Element than stick with Discord. It shouldn't be difficult to integrate a feature which seamlessly switches between them, either (yay for open source).

@inference @Natanox

Jitsi also uses waaaaaaaaay less bandwidth than Discord calls by far

tested it with a friend with horrible internet conditions atm, Discord barely connected and dropped all the time, Jitsi still managed to keep even decent video quality

@pixel @inference I agree it's still better and probably easy to implement seamlessly, but I don't have the knowledge (as well as mental healthiness/strength atm) to just do it myself and my normie friends might be appaled by the clunky experience that is the current Jitsi implementation. I really want to be sure they come and stick with Matrix.

@Natanox @pixel

There's no guarantee that this will be accepted by Matrix, anyway (although the chance is high, in my view), so it's best to use an alternative solution.

What about other encrypted services?
- Session (decentralised, E2EE, no metadata, onion routed)
- Telegram (I don't recommend this, because it has a homegrown encryption system, but it's better than Discord)
- Briar (similar to Session, but also has blogs and group-type features)
- XMPP (I think there's a calling extension for the XMPP standard)
- Wire (group calls, E2EE)

All are open source.
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