when you fix a bug after searching for the initial problem for 3 hours

and the solution is a one-liner

ancient PHP libraries that decide to write warnings into a `global $...` variable and essentially being silent about actual problems is such a pain

especially if said library is handling PDF generation.

@inference well, considering PHP needs them my IDE is flaring up as soon as I miss one of those.


I use CLI to code (except when I want to use VS Codium for its autocompletion, but I don't often need it).

@inference which editor are you using then? since I don't assume you just pipe/sed/etc. code into your files :P


Usually, I use Neovim.

I use VS Codium when I have GUI access (Although, I dislike GUIs so I use them only when required. Even my WM and Polybar has been designed to look CLI when X is running.).

@pixel heh, i had that recently -- except it wasn't really a huge bug so i immediately knew why it failed.

the solution was just swapping two characters from lowercase into uppercase

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