just booked my train tickets for Dokomi :akko_weary:

that was...really expensive

200 eurodollars, even with a 25% on the trip and the return

"eine hohe Auslastung wird erwartet"

solange ich ankomme :blobfoxmelt3: just as a tip, book train tickets 3 months before.. and travel to unusual hours.. you can save a ton that way ^^

@rick true, I just kinda forgot--

and it still would be expensive regardless, because of the distance factored in, but it'd definitely be quite a lot cheaper

@pixel people: just use public transport, it's good

public transport in germany: that

@MochiWaifu I could take the 9 euro ticket thing

but I will not go through the pain of using only regionals to travel through half of Germany

@MochiWaifu hmm, make it more like 10-16 hours or something

but yeah, missing/waiting connecting trains will add up on that as well--

@pixel i think the longest train ride i had was 6 hours and that was already pretty hard haha

@MochiWaifu I drove Flixbus before having a stable income

and I'd rather sit in a train for 8 hours than in a bus, I can tell you that much

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