one reason why I really enjoy fedi is because I can work on the things that bother me about the software.

With the big players that's just not possible. Things only get noticed if millions of users complain, pretty much.

My enjoyment or...huge amount of Twitter usage also comes from me being able to hack on it, actually.

My main way of using Twitter is TweetDeck, and I've contributed so many features to userscripts and extensions I lost count of them.

also, I liked content warnings so much, I brought them to TweetDeck

(or rather, the initial implementation, and @Eramdam refined it)

If you want all of those cool features by the way, and you still use Twitter/TweetDeck

grab BetterTweetDeck, it's good. :akko_giggle:

@pixel that's marvelous. I have always found Pleroma's word filters to be lacking. If I''m reading the documentation (Pleroma's and Elixir's) right, I can only do ~r Regex filtering, which is unacceptably narrow.
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