this week will be pain :blobfoxmelt3:

I need to give 3 trainings at work, about 4 hours each, one for apprentices and two for external developers

don't mind doing that, but 3 is a bit rough--

also, can't believe that someone like me, who's been an introvert to extreme levels in school is now...7 years later, someone who gives trainings to external people.

years back I barely spoke to people I didn't know yet.


@Weirdaholic going from an introvert to an extrovert?

I guess I always had some tendencies, especially the "waking up to a group" thing, and in regulated environments I manage to drop the fear towards new people relatively quickly.

@Weirdaholic it's hard to explain because it happened naturally over time that it got better

but leaving the toxic environment that was my school, and with it all the thoughts about it, was really good.

also have a job where people really appreciate and praise me, so I feel welcome and not really pressured.

Really helped me grow as a person.

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