I really don't like Spotify as a service

but their recommendation for music is pretty damn good and I like looking through my Release Radar because either I see new releases or find new artists that are pretty good

@pixel I really wonder why their recommendations suck so much for me and a few others, but for the vast majority they just work

@alinanorakari I'm wondering about that as well

but maybe because my taste is pretty obscure it works well to recommend me fitting stuff if it is not too varied.

@pixel maybe that's the problem. My mind enjoys what I already know or things that are different from what I know. It doesn't enjoy more that is very similar to the thing I know at this point i just open it to see release radar and then go back to apple music (or more recently to MPD loaded with a bunch of dj sets)

@pixel same, thats why is still use it.. heck i only use spotify to listening music (if you don't coun't patreon stuff)
@pixel i also heard from streamers / Patrons which also upload their stuff to spotify, that they actually quite get a decent amount of money.

that's why i sometimes think.. maybe all the musicians that flame about spotify are the big stars who think they are not paid 'enough' Yea, I get tired of songs easily so I kind of need its recommendations :blobfoxsad:

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