having multiple people with admin rights on a Mumble server

my name EXPANDS

hmm, it's just been a little over a day since I released the update for my Risk of Rain 2 mod and it already has over 600 downloads for that version.


reverse engineering sometimes is wondering about file extension origins, and then stuff like this happens

Decided it's finally time to get active again.

First walk on a stepper, went for a full hour and managed to get 10 kilometers in!

work rant 

God bless GitLab adding this button in 12.3 (last update)

hopefully this will be enough for colleagues to understand this, compared to just 👍 ing a review, which they didn't get.

Made a VNDB account, and included all the Sakura * VNs I played

used one Note field to describe all of them, since they are that simple

I've been really busy, and this has been the bane of my existence for the last 2 weeks.

finished ranking in DJMAX Respect

game good, game good

I love my Bandcamp userstyle, it saves so much space for collections <3

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