Made a VNDB account, and included all the Sakura * VNs I played

used one Note field to describe all of them, since they are that simple

I've been really busy, and this has been the bane of my existence for the last 2 weeks.

finished ranking in DJMAX Respect

game good, game good

I love my Bandcamp userstyle, it saves so much space for collections <3

Moved all my Masto userstyles to Firefox now 👀

actually got assigned a covid-19 project on Folding@Home

YouTube Mix that starts with a t+pazolite track

all bangers


me, wanting to watch some 🅱️ideos


so, about that one video game archive format that I took apart yesterday.

Of course I went ahead and listened to the course BGM because it slaps, but there was one track that irked me.

It sounded waaaay to Mario Kart-esque.

And I wasn't wrong with that assumption.

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