I really hope I don't have GitHub Release notifications set up.

Otherwise I just might end up spamming a lot of people in a bit.

me, having no idea what I coded a few months back, now documenting said code

maintaining a list of currently active Pangya servers

and just added another server, the community still seems reeeeally tied to this game!

oh whoops.

did a lot of stuff this month, and I still somewhat feel unproductive at times.

slowly but surely lowering codestyle issues in the repository.

oc art; avatars Show more

finished the Hall of the Novice training thing because I was bored

guess I'll start thoroughly documenting my structures as well now

not sure if @timo will be happy about this change

I just had to do it to 'em (the vertices and polygons)

me: mainly working on library on my own

also me: makes detailed issues

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