being bored in the evening doing stream layout experiments

short recording of it

originally locked to 30fps and now running at 60, also having rendering scaled up tenfold...which is not really visible in that recording w

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I made this 6 years ago but still pretty stylish collab cover art

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So, my refactoring went pretty well.

First image has 8 solutions, wacky naming of the projects etc.

Second image is my fork, one solution with everything in sub-projects, properly namespaced project naming and more.

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So I managed to clean the structure of that one Pangya private server project

now I decided to give JetBrains Riders code cleanup/refactor tool a go...

it took a while, and this is the result...

whoa, Notifications just got an overhaul on GitHub

babbies first packet handler

and not using static methods for this, which would have been clearly sufficient.

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our Mumble server channel descriptions are the best

web 2.0 bs, -, birdsite screenshot 

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Finished the management interface so far and collections get added to the database now!

Next up, adding channels to collections, which involves setting relations for them, in a non-relational DB, wohoo!

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