TM World Cup - Final 

CarlJr got it, back-to-back World Champion

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TM World Cup - Final 

aaaaa Mime and CarlJr finalist :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats:

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TM World Cup - Final 

sorry, make that 6 out of 6 lmao

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TM World Cup - Final 

CarlJr won 5 out of 5 rounds so far... :blobcatsweats:

processing time of webpack: 0.001s

(x) doubt

the feel-good moment of refactoring code and the old tests still pass


Out for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday

@kaia Kaia erzählt wieder ganz wilde Geschichten :02lurk:

@ente you have to know, I work flex time and the earliest I arrive at work usually is 8

lately it's been more around 9-10 AM

(mandatory availability is between 10-15)

this is a first btw

being in the office at 7:30 AM :02laugh:

the worst way to look at this would be

"if we only had one browser (engine) we wouldn't need to bother"

but that would be bad, because it'd be Blink-derivative Chromium

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not saying that this in general is bad, but I had to support IE11 stuff for way longer than it has been worth it

and that just breaks you

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one thing I really hate that work changed about me is how I look at new browser/language features

I'd love to just implement cool modern stuff without the constant afterthought of "how many people do I potentially lock out while doing it this way"

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