@nilsding yeah, a big media group got huge shares and told them to "innovate" with that fearure

they also wanted to oust Jack Dorsey as CEO but Twitter was able to veto that

@nilsding apparently the investors "slightly nudged" them into doing that

Twitter actually wanted to work on core features

@nilsding I took it onto me to deliver the best content to the new Twitter feature

@Roxy sadly we don't have the render of the single wasp on the site anymore either

@nilsding we attached the wasp to every button on the site, didn't we?

@Roxy IIRC we had that on there because it replaced every avatar once you triggered an easter egg

but that's not present anymore

@Roxy okay no, we don't automatically assign that image

it's just on the server!

whoa, I check on fedi again and I see more and more people from here using Retrospring

the cursed website I have pretty much done all frontend work on

@halcy wouldn't assume too much since the code is open?

you could audit the code and if you really want to get sure even build it yourself to get "non-altered builds" or so.

but fair thoughts considering the NSA is behind it

@sir barely using it nowadays myself, and I'd love to use stuff like Matrix more, but my contact list there is pretty barren as well

so, "wget" is available in Powershell

and running it yields this error now

@zaun I'm not doing cross-posts!

It's me in the flesh!

So I decide to go to sleep early one evening and suddenly Twitter is completely busted.

tfw I actually was praising Composer to not be a shitty package manager and then there basically is a pretty common meta package use case where they basically want you to use Private Packagist instead and deem custom repositories a "testbed"


having multiple people with admin rights on a Mumble server

my name EXPANDS

@wowaname a tech YouTuber and an IRC channel?

thought they all migrated over to Discord

@tsia yup, if you have WSL2 it offers to switch to that as a base for the Docker Engine

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