tfw I actually was praising Composer to not be a shitty package manager and then there basically is a pretty common meta package use case where they basically want you to use Private Packagist instead and deem custom repositories a "testbed"


having multiple people with admin rights on a Mumble server

my name EXPANDS

@wowaname a tech YouTuber and an IRC channel?

thought they all migrated over to Discord

@tsia yup, if you have WSL2 it offers to switch to that as a base for the Docker Engine

Docker on WSL2 is so freaking fast

@dansup not bad, but the Discover heading contrast is suuuper bad.

In general I find it weird that you use a gray heading at the top and a black subheading for the trending section, which looks a bit out of place to me then.

hmm, it's just been a little over a day since I released the update for my Risk of Rain 2 mod and it already has over 600 downloads for that version.


@zaun but sad that Scala doesn't seem to work out from your perspective.

always had that in my pipeline to give it a shot at some point, but I didn't find a usecase yet.

@zaun technically speaking:

everything can be good or bad depending on what you do with it, which also results in me often defending node, but I understand the issues people have with it too.

this probably also involves rewriting our entire toolchain with memory-save packages that actually do filestreams properly and not some "haha chokidar go watch" and some shitty deque implementation.

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tfw can't wait to profile why our frontend toolchain is running out of memory in Docker setups

node developers be like: inodes go brrrrrrrr

@nilsding yup, either walking or taking the bus.

bus is 20-25 minutes depending on how fast everything goes

and walking is like 30-35 minutes I think.

@uoya I pretty much average 15km/h all time

tracked time for my first full ride to work with my scooter and it took me 17 minutes for 4km.

considering I had to wait for traffic lights/walk the pavement on a large street crossing it probably came out to 15 minutes pretty much.

@robin @calv due to my mom working at an insurance company I got the quickpass tho and ready for...the bicycle path.

not sure what the fines are for getting caught without a licensed/insured scooter, but I assume it's not necessarily low.

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