@karina not listing Andy the Goose, I'm disappointed

Going to be streaming some coding/reverse engineering of an old video games files.

Live now:

@cesese In a VM probably, in Wine it apparently won't work.

GameGuard is basically only added half-assed to Pangya, it doesn't really check if a VM is running, even tho it should.

@cesese pretty much

and the only reason for that is GameGuard.

@cesese Pangya Celebrity is a solid server and community

but runs on Season 4...which is the one from 10 years ago.

There are a few ones running S8, but these are usually really unstable and most private server software is pretty much half-assed too.

@cesese the same thing happened to me 2 years ago, and since I've been working on reverse engineering the game and it's file formats

I played like 10 years ago as well, on the european servers.

@cesese but how come you are interested in Pangya of all things? >:3

@MochiWaifu now to play every song in Freestyle before I even attempt further ranking

because some charts are ass, even with a low difficulty rating

finished ranking in DJMAX Respect

game good, game good

@solidsanek but what is the use of a good service if the hardware does suck?

And not the Switch in general, but its wifi module is absolute crap.

how, how is Camellia able to pump out banger after banger?

Xronial Xero is craaazy good

I love my Bandcamp userstyle, it saves so much space for collections <3

@luna Emacs is too powerful for many, many people.

Including me.

Actually, I just never bothered to go through the tutorial completely.

@luna just started listening to it

hot daaaaamn

also those fire visuals holy---

@luna speaking of TANO*C

I'm very confused with them actually announcing tour dates for 2020?

Sounds like there is no quarantine stuff in Japan yet.

@luna play this on my funeral to raise me from the dead

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