@Gargron Probably.

Buuut, to greatly improve UX for new users, maybe add another screen to the introduction modal to let users choose their preferred layout with simple graphics showcasing the looks.

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@timo then again, there is no other library-oriented way to do it!

only closed-off tools!

@timo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@nilsding well, for this it was county specific.

and I still think 40% is kinda low ;;

read live ticker/news articles of the town/county on the EU voting stuff

showing stats that the participation rate for the last EU vote was...42%

organized my tasks today with Todoist.

It's so weird to trick your mind into being productive with having a simple todo list tell you what to do 🤔

Everyone who can: Please go and vote!

Time to shower and then go and vote!

From what I observed, the easiest way to contributors is having an interesting product that people use and are inclined on to so much that they add stuff themselves, not just request it.

Contributing to OSS and leading a lot of projects myself, the thing I can confirm over and over again.

No matter how easily approachable you make your project, getting outside contributors for a project might just be one of the hardest tasks.

Naming the project is still by far the hardest.

@angristan and with .NET Core and Microsoft immensely boosting cross-platform support, it became a valuable alternative to Java!

@angristan in the past few years I've written a lot of JS with/without Node and recently I got back to C# and I'm loving it.

TypeScript is a good direction for typing stuff, but the strong type checking of stuff like Java/C# is 👌

I just checked GitHub dependents on one of my packages and someone uses it in their project

buuuuuuut, important detail, they have it in their package.json but never use the code???

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