actually got a chuckle out of me, to be honest

but also scary for a hot second

building a website crawler without any safe guards:

mwah DDOS tool created

@nick ich hab die Index schon seit Oktober 🤔

I don't know what exactly I did, but stopped working and there is no reason to why.

the cursed contribution cross

is this a dev alignment chart

actually finished the implementation of the settings dialog and wired all the things up

it's coming along well!

@karina well, it renews on restart

so I just need to regularly restart cadoodle

all my Matrix rooms: silent for 2 days

aaaah, cert is dead again

added the about modal, with release information pulled from GitHub.

removed the version from the header and added a "About" item to the bottom of the sidebar to open this instead.

I need some feedback, fedi people

I want to display the current version of videoline somewhere, and I figured I could do that aside the main title there.

With that, I could probably show a modal with the app description, GitHub links and changelog..

what do you think?

@timo if you want to hop into Vue, feel free to contribute to videoline and I can guide you through stuff there! :>

@MochiWaifu in the beginning, yes.

took me a while to get really behind it as well and I'm still only at the beginnings! :3

this is:
- pretty cool
- extremely cursed

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