@nekojanai on/off for several years.

this year I got the furthest, into the end of HW main content (right before the Vault) in like three weeks

then my FC obliterated itself and I kinda lost interest, now I'm back (for whoever knows how long) playing at the side!

total playtime is like 265 hours according to Steam.


@saana (that said, we even have the easy fact backing the new setup up by having setup time be like 10 minutes, while they have to fiddle up to 2 hours getting a website running locally)

@saana I'm more in the dev front but I can so back this up

people that are already disliking their current workflows that ""work"" are even harder to be introduced into new stuff that actually has thought put into it.

at our company, we introduced a super clean Docker setup for dev machines and everyone adopted it aside of 2 people that say "mine works, why switch" tho.

@luna ahh, reminds me of Super Smash Flash

now I feel old af

@nick maybe this one is like cheese

(the longer it takes/rests, the better it gets)

@toast I recently used it in a picture I posted myself, but I don't really know either, I just adopted it from seeing it on basically any selfie being posted lately 🤔

really want to do weekly anime watchalongs again like I did a year ago basically

was fun hanging with people in Syncplay and Discord while watching.

Want to bring it to...not Discord tho because even while I use it, I'd rather use something else for it. Some text chat (Matrix/IRC/whatever) and Mumble or something would be rad.

@luna that would be a crazy family in my case

finding out what tool gamedevs used to make the 3D models purely due to the coincidence that someone accidently included an ASCII export of a model in the game archives is more than luck tbh

@koyu @Feuerfuchs @fw

I mean, I'm on a single user instance, but practically same

I don't instance block either. I only mute instances for my very own user, in case I might open up later or something.

@Feuerfuchs @koyu @fw

I'm still amazed that people always shittalk Twitter's awful moderation (which is somewhat true) and then block several hundreds of people on assumptions rather than verifying there's a problem.

*sigh* :<

selfie, no ec 

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