violent flashback to me saying "sheeesh" in my room yesterday and Alexa replying "I think so too"

@Natanox uff, ich wünschte es wäre so

Hat bei meinen Eltern ziemlich lange gedauert bis "mit Computern arbeiten" in den Kopf ging

@solidsanek yeah, I didn't watch it yet

so I might start that next 👀

Hmm, wonder what anime I should pick up next, now that I finished Lain

go for another classic and finally watch Cowboy Bebop?

@mametsuko well, hopefully you don't end up having it! :blobcatsurprised:

thinking about work and remembering my last exception was about email standard RFCs

@mametsuko aaa, same

and I'm way too lazy to get out of my bed--

phew, so I finished Lain

aaaabsolutely mindblowing

@nilsding I will def end you for this statement


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