@epsi @bunni ah yeah, I posted about that on Twitter

decided to take a break on it because Global is so fast with events it's more of a chore than a game at the moment

@epsi @bunni I definitely should post more on fedi!

In fact so busy I don't even post much on other platforms anymore either :blobcatdead:

@nick whoa, nice! that's really good to hear!

@nilsding actually wheezing at the thought that someone thinks I'm a governing body for policing instances that decide to follow it.

@nilsding remember my fedoodleverse friendly covenant?

I now got issues to remove instances from it, due to recent happenings™️

@nick yes, everything is going fine! hope for you as well!

should be active here more, really

and yet I've been drawn here by funky GitHub issues

@michcio I already loved the first one, so I'm alllllll up for this one too <3

@luna literally me, thinking about making a more or less closed down "back to the basics" online community that also doesn't use tools that want you online 24/7

@michcio I think we talked about this before already--

deja vu *drifts across social networks*

@michcio wonder if I should set up a bridge again because I'm really not posting much useful stuff on Twitter as well so it might as well go here--

still not back to posting much on here again, but I at least started having the tab open again :blobcatthinking:

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