@314 of course I wouldn't recommend that oof

maaaybe I can get that someone to try out fedi at least 🤔

ooof, I should be more active on here again, but FFXIV and some other personal things kinda pulled me back to Twitter, which I don't even like personally :<

external dev from customer adds some code to a project of ours


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@pixel BORN TO QUEUE / SERVERS ARE FULL / Queue Em Up 989 / I am trash mage / 9100,00 DPS

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Inserting two million accounts into my database so I can be the largest mastodon instance around

@nilsding mine is labelled "gamer" (from 2015 tho) and I have enough access to parts that'd be worth upgrading/switching.

like RAM, the hard drives...I think you could even replace the WiFi module in it?


it's so fun that my parser of that game scripting language is more complex than what the actual game implementation makes out to be.

@Eramdam a wonder that this actually worked

but that means their set of data was simple enough to just do that without "much error".

@Eramdam also what kind of awful meme is it to go like "ah 4th July is a memorable date so let's launch then"


you made plans for this last month, no way this is a feasible goal at all.

@Eramdam I just hope they forgot to create proper backups LOL

net positive of that situation?

this will get the remaining userbase of the site mad enough to not keep using Gab.

trying to look at the trash fire that's Gab, but the page just 500'd on me

okay, it definitely works out this way.

@march I've been pumping a lot of my time into Final Fantasy 14, that's where my inactivity comes from!

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