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If you cat /dev/urandom forever it eventually outputs a secure version of wordpress.

175 Code Style issues

none in .cs files, all in Markdown files.


me: hey, the current tool I use for checking code quality isn't harsh enough

me: sets up another tool


except my perfect inability to play these charts, I love looking at them.

okay, I think there only is like one chunk to parse left for model files

finished up animations, and here's the resulting data in XML representation

when Razor/OmniSharp has a super bad hickup and says that a single class exists twice

and when you use it, it tells you about collisions.

well, at least restarting VS Code fixed that >_>

@timo I was able to parse the whole animation section for the qb petfile 👀

oooh damn, managed to properly define a reeeeeally complex struct

will catch some sleep now and implement it later today, already 4 AM, whoops.

good night! :>

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expanding brain: using a VPN doesn't protect you from tracking, it just moves the thing they need to track, and you're at the mercy of the VPN provider's network

galaxy brain: selectively VPN all your traffic to Google services through a wg instance on gcloud compute engine. this way, the tracking shows it as coming from inside the house

I love Kaitai Struct so much, makes it sooo easy to sketch out file formats <3

I'll head off to sleep now, good night!~

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Just published a #Python implementation of @WAHa_06x36 s blurhash algorithm to PyPi so you, too, can create or decode the neat blurred preview images that are part of Mastodon 2.8.2:

Tomorrow, will get an update that'll include this plus some convenience stuff and bug fixes, too. 🐍

still can't believe my most popular project on GitHub is a unfinished Electron Twitter client that I haven't touched for over a year.

And it's still getting stars to this day.

Damn, aside of fixing a small bug today I wasn't really productive :<

I guess I just read up on subsequent structure types to parse.

But I still need to proof parsing with Kaitai and then write the C# parser for it.

TIL you can set the focus point for image previews on Mastodon


once I'm done with parsing models, I actually want to go ahead and writing a parser/lexer for the Pangya SPR and SEQ formats.

Always been interested in that, and that's the perfect chance.

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