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me: trying to figure out why my parser dies while reading a special filetype

figuring out including checking the structures with some RE

the animation section of that file is 11 MB in size


went on Twitter, read something on my personal timeline

almost 6 AM, time to sleep

good night!

aside the fact that I once again slept in late today, I wanted to code but only ended up fiddling with the project readme.

time to actually note down the one thing that isn't cross-platform in my cross-platform library

table: looks good on the outside

Markdown inside: hellish screams

my reverse engineering project:
- got me back to C#
- monorepo
- every release properly tagged
- builds
- issue tagging by project name

- auto-publish to Nuget with git tag
- Teeeests

big success:

configuring multiple projects to build from a single monorepo and only building when a project file changes 👀

still don't have any tests, but this at least makes sure that the libraries actually compile

so I want to read up on how to set up CI systems to build .NET Core 2 projects.

Find a Medium blogpost.

"So you see all those cool badges in repositories? I wanted to have a small benefit of continuous integration, and those badges"

asjdlaksdjl devs these days.

improved library readme's again

added a table with Nuget related badges and link to the issue list filtering for the specific library


The definition of "an IDE is slow" is verified for me when I forget that I opened an IDE by the time it appears.

messing up my sleeping schedule so bad orz

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