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so I pretty much was absent from fedi today

I blame FFXIV

it's 30°C in my room, I'm melting.

tfw just started playing FFXIV as a Au Ra last month

but now I have the real Lala cravings.

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absolutely fucking nobody:
not a single soul:
spammer: you people think i am a bad guy because i am speaking the truth about how the divorce system in America is biased against men...

sometimes I feel bad about writing criticism even if it's absolutely valid.

dev, oss 

dev, oss 

having to write comments like this

it's the big hurt

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"dude you're monolingual"

"wtf man i'm not Mongolian"

depicted: C# developer casting themselves to long

this one spam bot is getting a bit annoying tbh

time to prepare some food and while food is in the oven actually clean my room.

sounds like a plan.

"only use the drawer for top-level nagivation"

*proceeds to use drawer for 3 levels*

I'm implementing a UI with Material Design as a base design system

we stumbled upon this, and not even Google is following this guideline.

You know, a miniscule job of research is already shown when you translate "pyramid scheme" to "pyramid scam" (YouTuber is german btw)

even tho we have our very own word for things like this.

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