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docker: taking away a lot of infra stuff for local dev

also docker: throwing the weirdest errors because of container collisions


love the time estimates of the Deutsche Bahn that just is like "10 minutes to switch trains" in one of the largest train stations in Germany.

always involves running >_>

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hello fedi!

another train ride today, this time to Düsseldorf for a codesprint--

way to Munich already done, oof.

So, I went through my Google data export today, and I barely used most of the Google services

the whole archive was 109 MB compressed

and most of it was Google Fit tracking data and some of the shared documents I had in Drive.

still no reply from Discord up to now 🤔

having a bunch of projects and at the same time a "doing it properly right from the start" perfectionistic attitude is leading to a lot of lost potential, I must say.

okay, I just ordered my Google Takeout (data archive from all products used)

and I got it in less than an hour.

still no response from Discord since yesterday 🤔

playing with the thought of deleting my main Google account 🤔

Really thinking about it, the main G-Service I use by the day is YouTube, and I don't need an account for that, aside that, maybe the Android portion, but I think I can get G-free there as well.

wonder how long it will take Discord to send me my personal data etc. that I requested.

I don't really believe the claim that it could be this complex that it takes upwards to 30 days to collect a JSON dump of "everything" related to me.

So the OW2 announcement made me install TF2 and I just played some Mann vs. Machine rn

and it actually big good

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Excellent video:

I think the fediverse represents a reclamation of the internet by the people on it, away from the coroproations which try to steal it. We can have a second golden age.

Reject the capitalist internet, bring back the friendly neighborhood internet. Get your friends on here.

Don't be afraid to get weird with it. Let's get even weirder. And let's do it on _our_ platforms. The internet belongs to us.

okay, I know I just talked about browsers a few hours ago, but...

Firefox to discontinue sideloaded extensions

me, having absolutely no idea how to make a proper admin panel

So, @robin @seatsea and I are reminiscing on WipeOut soundtrack

and this track came to my mind instantly

to do some research on how Jira does stuff for my own issue tracker I just made an account on a public Jira instance


you can't delete accounts on Jira instances, nor...any other Atlassian service. >_>

when, when will we be able to install software and updates on Windows without having to reboot or relog

I've seen so many people talk about trick and treating

and this place is literally a ghost town--

time to install Docker for Windows and break this system!

everytime I talk about browsers I have to remember Opera 12 that had a mail client and torrent client inside it.

that was the only thing you needed on your computer

it was horrendously bloated, but not even in a bad way.

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