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okay, found it.

just completely disabled "identity.fxaccounts.enabled" in about:config

where can I disable Firefox being really annoying about making a Firefox account for virtually no reason?

there could be only me, going through the effort of turning a dump of a MonoBehavior, which is some C# alike syntax into JSON by find&replacing everything in an editor

in a 8MB file >_>

fixing bugs in 4+ year old code because no one, not the dev who built it nor the customer it was made for, ever used it.

birdsite, war 

it's a good idea avoiding Twitter in the next few days because we're going to see a lot of shitflinging from both sides in terms of propaganda.

And it's only so-and-so much possible to verify given information as of yet.

toughest part of the day: getting out of bed

data, people rant 

I always find it weird when people say a specific action is "pointless" because the party in question has enough power regardless.

Like, about me deleting my Google account being senseless as they'd track me fine without that. Which is partially true, they still can track me, but not specifically tied to my persona.


So, with switching to Firefox I also started using a script blocker (uMatrix) and while it surely has been offputting at first that some things just didn't work, going myself through sources to only leave in required stuff isn't that bad actually.

project idea: making a feedreader like frontend to manage YouTube subscriptions without actually using a Google account.

So, as Pangya Mobile, a mobile spin-off of the game I'm taking apart in my free time announced it's shutting down next month, I took up the duty of taking even the mobile version apart in just a handful of days.

You can read up my journey here!

Reversing a Mobile Anime Golf Game:

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still writing on my app reversing post and already at almost 1k words.

started writing up a blogpost of something that happened rather recently, here a quick look into the first paragraph 👀

Fits right with my reverse engineering series, but is a quick detour into different territory

usernames aren't bold for example, as they are in Chrome, which is really off-putting if it has been that way before :C

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using the Mastodon frontend with Firefox, coming from Chrome suddenly makes me realize how many style-based assumptions there are if design has been done mainly in Chrome

me, scrolling my feed

"something feels weird"

typing "scroll" into Firefox settings

> Smooth scrolling


done did the switch to Firefox 👀💦

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