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can't wait to implement relational features with a database that's deeeefinitely not made for that


I need some feedback on upcoming UI stuff.

I plan on adding collections today (groups of channels you can filter with) but I'm not sure about the UI for it yet.

Should I just have an additional list below channels (image 1) or add tabbed navigation to the sidebar (image 2) for that?

1 could get quite crowded with a lot of channels and collections, but 2 adds another level of navigation :/

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today was a fantastic day, after the last few ones being a disaster at work, basically.

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Sentry for error tracking is cool

we tested it with a live site today and it killed Sentry almost because of the barrage of logging it sent towards it

I feel tempted to try Arknights, but I must say I'm usually not someone that plays phone games in that style at all. v0.11.0 released!

- Added an option to filter by rating
- Video and channel information is updated on refresh now, mostly reflected by the view counts! v0.10.0 released!

- added some custom styles to the navigation bar, also proper logo now!
- dark mode!

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