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[language x] sucks comments are stupid.

mainly because people don't have to use a specific programming language.

I'm not much of a fun of JS, which is more attributed to the ecosystem than the language, even with it's fun quirks, but hey...I managed to implement a very basic templating engine without a single dependency and in around 50 lines of code.


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The fediverse is, fundamentally, built on trust.

We trust others to not abuse the ability to access what we put out there

- and -

We trust others to stay vigilant so that bad actors do not get platforms to attack from

tfw bigly having wasted time over last week

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(whew, so late tho, one month and 8 days ahead of arrival :< )

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so, about that one video game archive format that I took apart yesterday.

Of course I went ahead and listened to the course BGM because it slaps, but there was one track that irked me.

It sounded waaaay to Mario Kart-esque.

And I wasn't wrong with that assumption.

if your day doesn't start with crystallized by Camellia, is it even a good day?

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and yes, every file in that archive has 260 bytes reserved for the file name

in most cases this is bigger than the actual file

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remembered an old game I played like 10 years ago, found an old download for it and of course I went right ahead and wrote a parser for their "archive" format.

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#nobot should not even be necessary. No bots should ever follow or even interact with anyone unless explicitly requested by that person. I block any that do so.

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