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And yes, I merged it myself, but I got all review and test approval

after like 3 or 4 solid by-hand smoke tests.

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Made a VNDB account, and included all the Sakura * VNs I played

used one Note field to describe all of them, since they are that simple

I didn't sleep overnight and so I did a long afternoon nap--

I've been really busy, and this has been the bane of my existence for the last 2 weeks.

Zoom acquiring Keybase mainly for their people-power in security and Keybase basically stating "whatever happens to Keybase is in Zooms hands" is basically telling us preemptively that it'll just die.

You know that your day just improved millionfold if you reverse engineer a game

someone joins your Discord

and suddenly you have a Release QA build of that game with PDBs for both the game and the engine



I just spent solid 3 hours cleaning my mechanical keyboard

for the first time

after owning it for 4 years

"gamer gunk" is a weird but accurate term, and I'll now clean my keyboard more often definitely.

if people want to chat while the Shader Showdown is happening, our Mumble is open:

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PSA to Discord users:

Discord rolled out an update with accessibility options, and enabling "Enable Reduced Motion" (under Appearance in Settings) disables the annoying hover effect they added 2 months ago.

Going to be streaming some coding/reverse engineering of an old video games files.

Live now:

finished ranking in DJMAX Respect

game good, game good

how, how is Camellia able to pump out banger after banger?

Xronial Xero is craaazy good

I love my Bandcamp userstyle, it saves so much space for collections <3

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