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additional note: some domain provider sites are horrendously bad and I just had to switch to Chrome for a moment to finish a checkout because it didn't load in Firefox.

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me: owning a lot of domains

also me: renews the important ones on the day of expiry

also, pretty bad to foil my sleeping rhythm in a work week, but here we are.

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horrible as in wasting time, good as in...relaxed.

I just arrived at home 4 hours ago and turned on my box fan and hibernated for pretty much that amount of time.

now it's 10 PM.

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*internal screaming* aaaaaaaa

I just did a horrible and good thing.

work rant 

whoops, it's actually 13.2

number-switch up

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work rant 

God bless GitLab adding this button in 12.3 (last update)

hopefully this will be enough for colleagues to understand this, compared to just 👍 ing a review, which they didn't get.

me: mentioning how I didn't have any food today yet

my mentions: nekopara suddenly

haven't had anything to eat today yet

I'm hungy

broke: colleague exporting 50 MB video for use in website

woke: showing my colleague the magic of webm and converting said video down to 1 MB in size

work rant 

we have a company-wide boilerplate project for new projects and the other team did an upgrade for a new version of the CMS we use

and didn't contribute them back to the boilerplate


anyway, my day so far:

- I hate public transport in the age of COVID
- finding out that colleagues employ the Singleton pattern in JavaScript and I'm confused as to why

good morning, fedi!

(it's been a while since i wrote that, whew)

to donate to the FSF or not donate to the FSF 🤔

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