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the internet as we know it is ending

lol. now Discord is having issues as well

"Looks like Google can't pay GCP fees" is probably the best take


You know, we've always seen single services being down, but I never saw all services in unison being inaccessible.

That's kinda wild.

I'm pretty sure it generates enough traffic to be sniped away as soon as I forget it, oof.

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I forgot to extend domains so many times, but Retrospring is probably the one I'm so scared of forgetting that I always do it in time.

oh yeah, now that I upgraded Discourse I should probably extend the domain of that site for another year before I forget.

Same with Retrospring btw

still need to write a proper client that supports both Twitter and Mastodon (on desktop)

I mean, I don't super-actively use Twitter really but I'm kinda stuck there as well.

and with that, I successfully upgraded my Discourse instance

and I'm back, once again!

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# Redis is now ready to exit, bye bye...

@nilsding I took it onto me to deliver the best content to the new Twitter feature

whoa, I check on fedi again and I see more and more people from here using Retrospring

the cursed website I have pretty much done all frontend work on

so, "wget" is available in Powershell

and running it yields this error now

So I decide to go to sleep early one evening and suddenly Twitter is completely busted.

tfw I actually was praising Composer to not be a shitty package manager and then there basically is a pretty common meta package use case where they basically want you to use Private Packagist instead and deem custom repositories a "testbed"


having multiple people with admin rights on a Mumble server

my name EXPANDS

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