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if everything is going well, I'll be in Düsseldorf 4 times this year :akko_giggle:

🥴 still need to buy my train tickets for Düsseldorf next month

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video game file format:

a bgm... archive file has a .mid in it, it even starts with the appropriate MIDI header

but I have a strong suspicion they added their own track events because no player I have can open it

curse you, video game developers

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will be time to get out C# again because objectively there is nothing better to taking files apart (easily) than BinaryReader, and I don't even need to install extra libraries.

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hmm, think I found something else than Misskey for programming streams 👀

Might take apart some video game file formats again

crypto bs, blockchain 

I love cryptocurrency people always being like "the benefit lies in the decentralized blockchain"

and then you have news like the company that started a coin temporarily stopping the chain their coin is on so it doesn't drop further etc.


@syuilo do you know if many people actually use Galleries in Misskey?

I'm asking because I found that feature while refactoring today and the Misskists that watched my stream didn't know the feature either!

checked out Misskey's PR stats and I am at 65 opened PRs in total now

in like 2 months :blobcatsweats:

decided to check out a friends stream and now it's 3 AM, I will fall into bed now

good night for real :blobcatmelt:

Stream was really fun today! Thanks everyone who decided to hang around and chat :pixel_love:

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anyway, I should stop shouting into the void and get up and buy something for dinner

don't even know what I feel like eating today tbh :blobfoxmelt3:

I'm working on the client lint parts at least, and it's going really well :blobcatuwu:

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issues slipping into develop is a pain for people running off of it, but with workflows like these it's usually the users noticing the bugs first

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can't wait for all issues in Misskey's workflows being resolved so when there's a PR that breaks something at the other very end of the site we can actually catch things early :blobcatbongo:

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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