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sometimes I hear friends talking about TCGs like Weiss/Schwarz etc. and really want to get into them

would be best to have local players for that, but I'm probably out of luck around here--

sitting in my absolutely darkened room with fans turned to the max so I can survive the 30⁰C it already has outside

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Sitting here at the edge of my seat waiting for bitcoin to drop below 18k, and, come ON

to be fair, I started reading Steins;Gate on it and I also set up Tsukihime using Proton (which works really well)

so I just need to get to reading :akko_weary:

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I got a Steam Deck to mess around with and read VNs on

and I mostly played Risk of Rain 2 and Tetris on it so far

tfw one of our products turned polish in the develop branch and I don't know how to change the locale

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just woke up from a dream in which visited and i brought him to my uni which makes sense considering our mumble convo about free wifi yesterday

first draft of block management UI in Retrospring 👀

still a bit rough around places but it at least displays things now

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A new release is out! Second part of our blocking feature:

Anonymous blocking!

This allows you to block a specific anonymous user from sending you questions.

More info here:

I recently came upon the blessing that is uBlacklist

curse you GitHub and StackOverflow scrapers that make searching horrible lately

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And with that...a new release is out, a big one!

Blocking is finally here!

You can read more about it here:

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prepped a blogpost for something later today :blobcatuwu:

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