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Spotify is one of the worst desktop apps I know

The UI sometimes doesn't render or completely freezes, and if you close the window it doesn't kill the master process so you can't open any window if you don't go into the Task Manager to kill that process.

I really don't know why they decided to do that.

French people most certainly know their way around electronic music

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Don't forget that you can ask me questions anonymously and I'm quite likely to answer pretty much anything :ai_peek:

even if it's very lewd

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some people: building complex playlists they always shuffle, etc. pp.


Hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far :akko_hi2:

Someone on Retrospring is trying so spew some hate around because we opened a Patreon and everyone is roasting them with answers

You love to see it :cirno_pwease:

can't wait for the reaction on my newest PR :akko_giggle:

looking into getting an e-bike 👀 not sure which one yet, but there's a thing in Germany where I can lease a bike over the state with my employer potentially taking part of the lease cost as well

massively confused about someone on Retrospring being reported

and the user that is being reported harasses themselves through anonymous questions 🥴

ERROR: dial unix /Users/pixeldesu/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/docker.raw.sock: connect: connection refused


me: using IRC bouncer and sitting in 2 IRC channels

also me: forgetting to open bouncer at all

People copying posts confuses me into thinking that either mine or someone elses instance broke somehow :akko_thonk:

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