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if someone wants to play Splatoon or whatever else at some point, feel free to add me via my friend code btw 👀

ph, - 

3 colleagues (1 confirmed, 2 others didn't test but symptoms match) have gotten covid from our visit at the local fair last week

did a test and I'm fine, not sickish either

but there's so many colleagues around coughing it makes me slightly uncomfortable :blobcatsweats:

GitHub seems to have some funny moments here and there

I'm not even that angry

DB is just a top tier example of decades of mismanagement and letting things rot away.

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planned route today:
- EC to my place from 14:56 to 16:56

my actual route:
- regional to the EC one hour earlier because transit is just 5 minutes
- my EC gets a 70 minute delay
- I pick an ICE/regional route with 25 minutes delay
- regional train gets cancelled
- regional train gets uncancelled and I see it driving away
- I wait another hour for the next regional train

I would have been home by now :akko_unamused:

So I went with an alternative train with a stop in Munich.

The connecting train (which I wouldn't have caught anyway):

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Checking out alternatives to take (also with delays of course)

DB expects me to pull off time travelling in Munich!

The new Splatoon is good!

Still barely feels like an upgrade from 2 tho.

you are telling me a shrimp fried this rice?

my timeline is having a moment right now

Retrospring, the project where 90% of the effort is refactoring stuff

I am really motivated again recently

TV program worldwide: will be rescheduled to show every recorded moment of the Queens history

good thing I don't watch TV anymore

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