should be active here more, really

and yet I've been drawn here by funky GitHub issues

still not back to posting much on here again, but I at least started having the tab open again :blobcatthinking:

damn, CCC saving the Revision stream is such a heartwarming move tbh

almost expected this would at latest continue tomorrow

TypeScript is good, and it's even better when the resulting code barely resembles JS at all.

tfw last two hours of the Duolingo league and it's time to save my ass

with that said, finished first suite of tests for yesterdays project! :blobcatangel:

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damn, writing tests is always such a good feeling

how to say you are serious about a library without saying you are serious about it

now I have:
- TypeScript
- bundling to all kinds of output formats
- linting and formatting
- pre-commit hook for above
- GitHub Actions for above

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first commit after like 2 hours of setting up project boilerplate *bonk*

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ah yes, the hardest step of programming:

finding a project name

hmm, need to get back to track with dev, especially dev with this keyboard

time to write an API wrapper for a service I use day-to-day!

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