trying to look at the trash fire that's Gab, but the page just 500'd on me

okay, it definitely works out this way.

net positive of that situation?

this will get the remaining userbase of the site mad enough to not keep using Gab.

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@pixel apparently from what I saw they're already pretty pissed at the fact that all the older content is gone and mad at Masto's UI so: lmao

@Eramdam I just hope they forgot to create proper backups LOL

@pixel idk, i also heard they plan to redo the BE of Mastodon in Node or whatever and: lmaooooo

@Eramdam also what kind of awful meme is it to go like "ah 4th July is a memorable date so let's launch then"


you made plans for this last month, no way this is a feasible goal at all.

@pixel nvm apparently they're the biggest fedi instance by cheating now because they imported their old statuses/accounts somehow

@Eramdam a wonder that this actually worked

but that means their set of data was simple enough to just do that without "much error".

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